Tuesday, November 5, 2013

COD: Ghosts Reviews

There are no UAVs to shoot down. Strike packages are back, and the dolphin dive has been replaced with a knee slide. You can leanout from cover. All of the launchers are free-fire, and knife kills now come with an annoyingly forced kill animation that leaves would-be stabbers open to counterattack. Theater mode is history. Headquarters mode is nowhere to be found. Same with Hardpoint.Call of Duty: Ghosts continues the weird trend of reversing/removing changes made by the other development team(s) that ensure thatActivision's dominating shooter franchise makes it to shelves every November, but it also represents some of the largest multiplayer changes the series has seen since Call of Duty 4 redefined console-based first-person shooters for the previous generation of consoles. Here's the catch, though: many of those changes just make me want to play Black Ops II, instead.
In some cases, Call of Duty: Ghosts provides similar items in an attempt to iterate on existing ideas. UAVs, for example, used to fly around overhead (which then provided a clear need for lock-on rocket launchers). Now, the baseline killstreak item is the SAT COM, a ground-based deployable that, by default, paints enemies on your minimap if they're in your team's direct field of vision. Placing multiple SAT COM units eventually gives it a UAV-like "sweep" effect. Since they're on the ground, enemies can shoot or stab them out of service pretty easily--if they can find where you put them. I hated the move away from UAVs at first, but eventually warmed up to it. There's an overall reduction in airpower going on across most of Ghosts' killstreaks, which shifts the focus back down to the ground where you once again need to aim carefully but quickly to take out your targets. Compared to Modern Warfare 3, the last game to come out of Infinity Ward, you'd think that Ghosts took place in one big no-fly zone.
You'll also have some new modes to play in multiplayer, like Cranked, which gives you a speed boost and a timer when you get your first kill on every life. Once you're in this "cranked" state, you have to keep getting kills to reset your timer or else you blow up, respawning as normal. Search and Rescue replaces Search and Destroy in playlists, though the old mode is still available in private matches. S&R mixes S&D with Kill Confirmed, causing dog tags to pop out of players when they're killed. If your team recovers your dog tags, yourespawn. If the enemy grabs them, you're out until the next round. Hunted starts everyone with pistols and drops low-ammo weapon cases onto the maps over the course of the match. That means you must fight your way to a crate to get a temporary crack at some random, potentially useful equipment. Blitz is a team mode that gives each team a goal point. Players try to run into the opposing team's goal to score, resulting in a ton of monotonous pistol runs from one side of the map to the other. Infected is a pretty standard "regular guys spawn with shotguns, but if the fast-moving zombie kills them, they're infected and swap to the other team" mode that feels like it fell out of a Halo game. The inclusion of some new modes is a nice touch, but none of them are as much fun as Hardpoint or Headquarters, both of which are missing from the game.


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